A Prayer for Emotional Health

Trying to operate in purpose when under attack can be one of the worse feelings. It’s definitely a tool of the devil to keep our focus off all of the good we are called to do in this world. It’s so easy to let our emotions get the best of us and to become even…

The Devil Had No Jurisdiction In My Womb!

A Message About Who Created What “So, let me get this straight, the devil deformed Sam in your womb by taking his hand and then continued to try to kill him right before NubAbility launched?” Asked a very sweet and well meaning Jesus loving lady. I replied, “OHH, WHOA NO! Back up a sec here……

She Who Wears A Crown

Digging into Proverbs 4 this morning led me to a beautiful reminder of our inheritance through Christ. The chapter is written to encourage those, especially in their youth, to seek and value wisdom and insight.  I LOVE proverbs because I love having things laid out for me in black or white. “Do this, get that;…

Praying the Scripture: Praying for Protection, Safety & Rescue

I learned to battle my anxiety and fears of the unknown with prayer. God delivered me. He was faithful. Sometimes when the devil finds a crack in my faith he tries to get me distracted from focusing on Jesus. I immediately pull out my sword and fight with the scripture prayer God gave me to WIN…Psalms 91.

2 Rules…PERIOD.

I’m a church mutt. Therefore I have experienced and learned about hundreds of denomination specific legalisms that are not only overrated, they are FAKE NEWS.  Jesus gives us 2 and only 2 rules that we must obey to be a Christian. If you follow these rules with all your heart, your heart will be changed…

Praying God’s Word: Filling of the Holy Spirit for Your Family

Are you struggling with your prayer life? Have BIG PRAYERS that need praying and don’t know how to begin? Do you want deepen your relationship with Jesus? See him in action more in your daily life? The life of those in your sphere? Need him to straighten you up so you can bring him more glory? I want to share with you what I’ve learned in this series, Praying God’s Word.

Who Put Their Mom Stamp On You?

Who’s in you’re circle? What mom’s positively impacted the adult or mother you are today? Take a minute, think about them. Thank them and say a blessing for them. I hope you are learning parenting and “adulting” from REAL face to face relationships, not just super cute graphics on social media. Jesus himself saw the value of sharing his own mother and the value of his mother’s sister, and other women in his inner circle:

Thoughtful Thursday: The Destroyer of Peace

I’m sharing an original graphic here on Thursdays, designed to make you think. As children of God, we are not called to be perfect but we are called to be more. I want to highlight some aspects of our flesh that need to be simply turned over to the Holy Ghost, our Counselor for change….

Thoughtful Thursdays

I’m sharing an original graphic here on Thursdays here, designed to make you think. As children of God, we are not called to be perfect