I Have A Secret! 

I’m often told, by those that know me the best, how “strong” I am. I am not. I look back at what all my day, week, year and life has entailed and I think, “How did I do all of that? Get through all of that?”. “I” didn’t.

Here’s My Secret:

Be STILL! Yeah…Right.

I just read this devotional from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. (I LOVE this devo! It’s a book of daily conversation starters between Jesus and the reader:) Anyone else bolt out the door like a racehorse every day? I love what Sarah is imagining Jesus saying here. And, it’s definitely something I need to hear…Over and…

Are You A Fat Sheep? Love a Lost Sheep? He Sees You. 

This piece of scripture wrapped me up like a warm blanket today. It inspired me to dig in context, the entire passage and to see it back to Jesus. God is declaring to Israel, his flock, that he is tending to all of them,