Christmas Gift Idea for Parents: Praying the Scriptures for Your Teenagers

Praying the Scriptures for Your Teenagers, by Jodie Berndt, has been a springboard of prayer for diving in the Word for me as the mom of teens for the last 14 years. I cannot recommend this resource any higher. I have used it until it is tattered and worn. It’s pages are well marked and its prayers written hundreds of times in my journals.   The author has almost every category of life relating to a teen covered with several scriptural prayers for each. Praying God’s word to do battle for the blessings he has entrusted me with is how I roll. There is also a version by Jodie Berndt for Children. You can purchase them here:Click to See Options
I am a prayer warrior. God has blessed me with discernment in seeing most times the origination of the battles I am fighting, whether my own or for others. Many times, those battles are brought on by our own lack of wisdom, our own free will, God’s fatherly love to shape and discipline us to direct our paths more clearly, or an outright attack of evil. Like most mamas, some of the biggest battles I have fought on my knees have been for my kids. Regardless of the reasons for a situation, the struggles of our children, we are impressed upon to lay them at the throne of the loving Almighty, but we are also instructed to put on the Armour and fight.  The weapon we are instructed to use is His Word. We are to swing the sword and attack.

I have seen the power of praying scriptures. I have seen more fruit born from these prayers than any other. They are not majical words. They are necessary words in bringing up sons and daughters of the King. They are powerful words, annointed and ordained to  create results. God’s word is incapable  of returning void.

When a need arises, and with 3 boys, that’s pretty much daily, I grab this book and flip to the section that is relevant. I sometime re-read her stories to bolster my faith before battle. I read through the scriptures she has turned into prayers and I choose one, or all, and write them in my journal. I can look back over the history of prayers there and see nothing but victories. I will remind you to remain diligent, praying constantly. Life’s curveballs often take several swings to smack it outta here!

I often share with my boys the scripture I am praying over them and why. I will even pray these prayers over them by laying on of hands. Even if they are in a rebellious season, their spirit draws comfort from knowing their parents are doing battle for them when they themselves may seem incapable, unworthy, or uninterested. Do your children know you pray for them?

If you haven’t been diligent, “to begin is to begin”. So, whether you are a seasoned soldier of God for your kids or you are just a new recruit, get this book for yourself, get it for other parents you know, and pick up the sword and fight. I even use it still for my adult sons. It’s hard for us mamas  to believe, but Jesus fights harder alongside of us than we do for our kids because he loves them more. You are not alone. Soldier (Parent) on!

May His Mercy & Grace Shower You in Rays of His Light.

Be a Blessing,

Jana Kaye Kuhnert

Speaker & Author

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