Celebrate Your Circle of Moms

Who’s in you’re circle? What mom’s impacted the mom you are today? Take a minute, think about them. Thank them and say a blessing for them. So many wonderful mamas in my life. Who helped you put your “mom” stamp on your family story?

I’m so blessed to have had the best teachers in motherhood on earth. I miss my mama so, but I know she is dancing in Heaven. She gave me independence, made me strong, taught me to stand up for others, and resiliency.

I’m blessed to have another mom who does more than her share for so many and keeps my dad in line. She attacks life with a sense of style and sense of humor I can only hope to emulate.
I am thankful that Papa Chet (my stepdad) found a wonderful mom to be his wife and partner in Franma as we love to call her. Watching their love bloom at their age is awesome.

I learned so much wisdom and how to be a strong woman and throw down some chow from the mom that raised the good man I’m married to.

I am so blessed that I learned how to love from my Nanny and how create from Nanny N and how to laugh from both of them. Grandma A showed me how to love my man, God and others.

My aunts on both sides have raised good men and women.

My sisters & sister-in-law are incredible, selfless moms who are raising some of my favorite people.

My friends are the best moms I know. We often mom team it with our kids to keep them in line. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

I have lived enough years now to understand the impact of some moms that had an influence on my life in my early years. Without their example of family and the selfless care they gave me as a child, I would not be the same today. They are/were nothing short of saints and taught me so much.

Blessed to have all of these women and more in my circle. Thank you ladies for helping me figure out the enormous position called “mom”. I love you and yours with all my heart. I pray God blesses you abundantly today with the love, comfort, peace and joy only he can give.

Have a FABULOUS Mother’s Day!

So, who helped you “deliver” in this gig called motherhood?