Are you a #dontneed2 Mom?

#dontneed2 is a hashtag that has been trademarked and copyrighted by the NubAbility Athletics Foundation. I am the executive director and co-founder of NubAbility.

Nub: what many kids call their limb-different limb.

Ability: being able to.

You can find the story of NubAbility here: NubAbility Atheltics and by reading My Passion Page:)

Raising a child with a visible difference is often seen a challenging and a reason to not only have pity, but to breed it. While I acknowledge the challenging part in a minor measure, the pity part I disdain.

Pity: Not necessary.  Completely harmful. Counterproductive.
Here is my short and to the point Mother’s Day message to #dontneed2 mamas out there:

Here’s to all of you mama’s of incredible #dontneed2 kids out there! God knew what he was doing when he blessed you with a “different” kind of kid. You GOT this mama! Remember you are raising a strong, resilient, determined, kind, compassionate, innovative, resourceful, independent, JOYFUL adult. Lose the mama drama, smile at the stares, advocate only when your kid NEEDS a voice, and bolster your kid with your expectations of them blowing minds for the glory of the one that created them. I’m not saying the journey will be easy, just worth it! Happy Mothers Day!

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