Don’t Forget the TRASH!

Be A Blessing.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Matthew 5:8

“DON’T FORGET THE TRASH!” If you’re a mom, and you have teenagers using the front door like its on an axis, you most likely have hollered a reminder or two as they hurry onto the next big adventure in their day. I’d like to challenge you to stop. Stop using a task or chore reminder as the last thing you say to your kid as they head out creating dust in the drive. Instead, challenge them. Challenge them to make a difference each and every time they leave the safety, comfort and familiarity of your home. (BTW you don’t have to wait until your kid is a teen to put this game plan into play:)

Sports are often the reason for the tearing out the door in my house on to the next big game.

Now look sisters, don’t get your panties in a wad! I am not saying to let the trash pile up by the front door. I’m not saying don’t give them responsibilities. The dishwasher, dogs and trash are the bare essentials of the daily tasks the fellas in my house are responsible for. What I would LOVE (and frankly, so would anyone else coming in contact with your kid today) would be for you to send them off as a representation of who they are. They are yours. They are God’s. They are a blessing. SO…..

It’s really simple. It requires consistency, like potty training a puppy… 

DO THIS: Each time your child tells you so long, see ya later, goodbye, etc. respond with “I LOVE YOU and BE A BLESSING!” 

And like in training that mischievous bundle of fur from ruining your floors, reinforce their blessed behavior by letting them know how proud you are of them that they choose to be kind, helpful, encouraging, uplifting and bolstering of others. Before long, it will pay off in huge dividends, not only for your child’s trained heart, but also for those who your child’s heart touches. 

My son and his teammates truly enjoyed visiting with nursing home residents and blessing them with “time”. 

When your child walks in the door, “zip it” with the demands, they can wait a few minutes, and chat with them about their day. Ask them, “Did you see God today?” They may not have an answer many days, but eventually if they practice being a blessing and they actively seek God in their daily routines, they will melt your heart with their reporting. 

That’s my middle son Sam. He is holding two little campers for a photo op. They discover each other for the first time behind his back. They remain BFF’s today, even though they live states apart:)

God says there is a time and a purpose for everything. I believe and have put into play for years that the times of the first and the last things I say to my  kids, are times for cultivating in them a spirit of kindness. It’s like pressing a power button on as you send them out. 

Remember who you are raising mama! You are raising KINGS and QUEENS. It is possible to see the harvest of the seeds you plant through time in them. My three fellas are kind. They make a difference. That didn’t happen because they are good hearted people. That happened because they were taught how the action of blessing others makes their hearts feel. 

Go and be a blessing  while you straighten your crown!


In Peace and Jubilee,

Jana Kaye Kuhnert