You’re Royalty Baby!

Romans 8:16-17 Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, heirs also, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ…

All too often I chat and join in prayer with or for “daughters of God” that don’t realize just what that means. What it means to be a child of the King. It’s a position that took me nearly 30 years in my walk as a born again Christian to really understand and grasp. I can’t imagine the mistakes I would have avoided, and the fruits God would have produced in me had I taken ownership of my birthright in Christ from the get go. Maybe you are a new Christian, or maybe like me you have not seen yourself with the eyes of Jesus for a long time. God has laid on my heart to encourage you Jesus loving sisters to see yourself as he sees you.


Hear me clear, DAUGHTER OF GOD. That’s right, YOU. The KING of king’s KID. The child of the Most High. HEIR to the throne in the kingdom of Heaven- where Christ will reign forever surrounded by glories so brilliant, our human minds can only imagine a small fraction of the beauty. Hear me. Right there, beside your KING, that’s where you’ll be. You will dine at his table. You will radiate righteousness and relish in the delight of his presence. You have been chosen, bought, redeemed, sanctified, anointed and appointed to SHINE with majesty. Maybe you don’t feel like royalty. Maybe the world has convinced you that you’re not worthy. Maybe your crown, just needs a little straightening. In any case, girlfriend, I’ve got a story for you that will melt your heart and help you to see just exactly how your king sees you….

The Prom that Jesus Planned:

This past week along with an auditorium full of parents, prom goers, friends and family, I got to witness something truly awesome about the character of Jesus at our local high school’s prom coronation. Let me set the stage for you:

Back Story:

My youngest son, Tucker and his classmates have been together since kindergarten. They are a very tight group of around 80 something kids. One of Tucker’s classmates and best buddies, is Brenna. Brenna rocks the extra-chromosome. She is a Downs Syndrome Super Star. Tucker and his friends have always included Brenna. In high school, they went out of their way to make sure she was welcomed to join them in several traditional high school milestone memories. Brenna went to dances with them, and she DANCED with them. They included her in their group photos and they took her to dinner.

Brenna Loves Posing in her Traditional “JUMP” Photo with the Fellas! This was taken before Sweetheart 2016. Photo Courtesy Wendy Hopkins
They cheered her on in Special Olympics competitions and they volunteered at the fundraising events her family organized. Tucker would pick her as his partner in Pep Rally competitions. In short, Tucker and his classmates, LOVE Brenna. They celebrate her. They adore her because she is such a fun-loving, sweet spirited, champion of a girl. She brings them joy. Their time together as classmates is almost over. Just a few weeks remain in their journey together through the halls of DHS. Until graduation this group continues to shine on because of their kindness and respect for others.

The Coronation of Royalty

Like most high schools, DuQuoin High School in Illinois, held a Junior/Senior Prom. And, like most proms, voting for prom court took place in a democratic manner with the members of the Junior and Senior classes voting. On the ballot for Senior Prom Royalty were the names of every boy and girl from the DHS class of 2016. The field was narrowed to five boys and five girls on the first-go-around. Then a vote was taken from among those to choose the Prom King and Queen.

Amongst all of the brilliant sequined gowns, sparking prom decorations and carefully executed stage lighting, each awesome kid representing their class walked down the aisle as their names were announced and a short bio about them was read. They stood on stage in random order in front of a winter fantasy backdrop. As anticipation filled the air, the name of the King ( a handsome booger:) was called. He humbly accepted his crown and took his place. Yet, he had a smile of expectancy on his face…

You see, in the weeks prior to that moment, he, the king, had informally, but rigorously ADVOCATED for Brenna (and another young man on the court) to be crowned royalty. He KNEW what it would mean to her. He knew the joy she brought him by being his friend needed to be shared with many more than just his classmates. HE WANTED TO SEE HER TREATED AND LOOKED UPON AS SHE SHOULD BE. The king was confident that placing the crown upon her head would be a moment she would cherish forever.

As the name of the new 2016 Prom Queen was read, BRENNA ASBURY, the new queen let out a squeal of joy and excitement that was nothing short of heavenly jubilation. The crowd roared with approval and tears fell from many eyes. Her king, leading with applause his approval of the crowning, looked upon the new queen with pride and an overwhelming feeling of happiness as Brenna owned it. She owned the position granted to her out of love and grace. She owned the fact that she was looked upon as special. Worthy. Of Value. That moment, was magical. A true God moment.

Brenna finding out she is queen
Brenna Finding Out She Is Queen! That squeal of delight will echo in our hearts forever  Photo Courtesy of Wendy Hopkins
Jesus works through people to illustrate and illuminate his love for those who believe in him. (I interrupt this story to announce that I am not writing it to draw attention to my son. This post, was stirred in my heart:)

I believe God used a bunch of high school kids to send a clear message. As I reflected as “King Mum” on the evening, it quickly came to me that Christ our King looks on us much like Tucker did with Brenna when she was crowned. He relishes in the glorious moment that we as believing daughters realize that HE ADVOCATES for us. He sought us. He bought us and brought us to a position of royal priesthood in a holy nation that will live in his marvelous light. He is CRAZY about you girl! He desires you to grasp that. Own that. SHINE that. If HE is for you, whom shall you fear?

Tucker & Brenna Prom K & Q 2016
Do You Look at Your Heavenly King With the Same Excitement?                                                 Photo Courtesy of Wendy Hopkins
Look up today into the eyes of your King. Put your shoulders back and straighten your crown. Go forth as the new beautiful creature he created you to be. Let your eyes reflect the sparkle in his. Use him as the standard for all things good. Use him as the example of how worthy you are and how you are to be loved.


Just as Tucker knelt down to where Brenna was, Christ your King meets you where you are. There is no need to put on your sequins, spanx and fancy face for him to crown you. He died to place that crown on your head right where you are, right now. Even if you are one hot mess.
















He didn’t crown you to be shamed. He didn’t crown you to be ridiculed. He didn’t crown you to be beaten. He didn’t crown you to be used or abused. He didn’t crown you to hurt yourself. He didn’t crown you to abuse your vessel. He didn’t crown you to become selfish. He didn’t crown you to become judgmental. He didn’t crown you to seek pity. He didn’t crown you to tear others down. He crowned you to SHINE for him.

You’re ROYALTY baby! Now go SPARKLE for Jesus your King!

Your King longs to TWIRL you. Watch & wait for it, wait for it…. ahhh, be still my heart! (And, no, I don’t know where my boys shirt went)

In peace and jubilee,

Jana Kaye Kuhnert

Colossians 3:24 Since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

Praying as a daughter of God:

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord of Majesty, King of All, I am thankful you created me to be your daughter. I am thankful I need no other to deem me worthy. I am thankful that you wove me together in remarkable craftsmanship and you know my innermost being. (Psalm 13-16) I am empowered and strengthened by the fact that you advocate for me. I am thankful Lord and overwhelmed by your beauty. I am humbled yet thrilled that you chose me as an heir. Help me to take the position in your royal priesthood to heart. Allow my eyes to reflect your love, goodness and mercy. Allow my heart to ooze with your kindness. Convince my soul oh, Lord, all is well. Give me the wisdom to know when to straighten my crown and walk away from situations not ordained by you. Grant me the courage to see myself as you do. For with that knowledge comes great responsibility and I pray you guide my thoughts, my words and my ways to reflect the image of your royal majesty clothed in grace. Help me to uplift, encourage and bolster others in YOU. You more than fill the voids in my life, Blessed Father. You are my life. I love you.

In His Majestic Name,