A New Station on My Journey

We all have a story. I am no different. My story is unique to me just as yours is to you. My story has been written by my King & Queen maker, Abba Father, Lord of all. He has catapulted me into a chapter of my life where I have audiences. He is encouraging me to tell my story, share my insights and encourage you in yours. I am excited to bolster, empower and comfort you along my journey.

My story is one of discovering purpose and of being satisfied with who I was created to be. It’s one of becoming aware, even in the darkest of times, especially those times, that life is not always about “me”. I consider fondly myself a “mutt” of family and demographic environments, social circles, career choices and even the practice of my Jesus loving faith. I mean “mutt” in the fondest of terms. I relate.

My story is one of encouragement, self-acceptance and valuing relationships. With heartfelt personal experiences, wit and a passion my prayer is to bring you to see yourself as you were destined to be, a person of value. My childhood experiences and as a youth, a wife, a high school teacher, an event planner, the Queen of the House of Testosterone (mother of three boys), a sports mom, a mother of a limb-different child, and a business woman have given me a boat load of stories. I plan on using this blog to motivate and inspire, especially those like me ,who need to be in 8 places at the same time and have more than just your own household relying on your good cheer. I am a continuous seeker of God’s plan and am excited to see what he does next. I love nothing more than to sit back and watch the Holy Ghost “do work”. I am deeply rooted in my Christian faith. I dig people!

I’m compelled to share with others, especially mamas and girls one of the most profound truths. WHO WE REALLY ARE. Life presents mud and muck on our daily journeys, and plenty of junk hills and seemingly insurmountable mountains (laundry) along the way. Nothing can stop us from experiencing the liberating freedom of living a life with joy, exuberance, passion and purpose once we grasp who we were created to be and for whom. Discovering who I really was, is who God had said I was all along. His daughter. An heir to his kingdom. A princess soon to be a queen. I am his. I am ROYALTY BABY!! My Abba Father says so. You are too! I hope you will join me on this trip and discover along with me how to live as the King intends. (Reference Romans 8: 16-17)

I am available for speaking for churches, groups, organizations, schools, and corporations. I also do joint appearances with my son, Samuel for sport minded audiences entitled:   1)Bully Proofing: Overcoming the crappy way mean kids or big people make you feel.
2)Know Your Role: How your place in organized sports has power to build champions or create losers. Awesome for teams, booster clubs, coaches, officials & parents. See the speaking info tab for more detail.



May Grace & Peace be Multiplied to YOU!

Remain Fabulous,

Jana Kaye Kuhnert




Side Note: Being a co-founder and the daily Director of NubAbility Athletics Foundation has led me to find my voice. Through my daily efforts with that organization, God has given me an audience. NubAbility.org, a IMG_0009global nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity, serves kids who are congenital or traumatic amputees that desire to compete in mainstreamed sport. I answer tons of messages, emails and calls daily from families and youth who find themselves at wits end because of how they are viewed by others.  The years of guiding, offering hope and clear direction, have brought me to this station. I understand the power of relationships and mentoring and how they are key in making champions for life. It’s how I roll everyday. J